Diabetes: What are its symptoms and possible complications?

Diabetes: What are its symptoms and possible complications?


Diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by high blood sugar, and can be the result of a lack of insulin production in the body or an inability of cells to use it effectively. Diabetes can present with specific symptoms and can lead to serious complications if not controlled. Here are some symptoms and possible complications of diabetes:

Symptoms of diabetes:
Excessive thirst and constant hunger:
Excessive thirst and increased appetite may be signs of high blood sugar.
Frequent urination:
Increased urination, especially at night, may be a sign of diabetes.
Unexplained weight loss:
Weight loss for no apparent reason may be a sign of the body’s inability to use sugar properly.
Fatigue and exhaustion:
Excessive fatigue and fatigue can be the result of cells not utilizing energy effectively.
Complications of diabetes:
Cardiovascular diseases:
Diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Kidney disease:
Diabetes can damage the kidneys and lead to problems with their function.
Eyesight problems:
Diabetes can cause eye problems, such as diabetic fibrosis and diabetic wandering.
Nerve problems (diabetic nerves):
Diabetes can cause nerve damage, leading to problems with sensation and motor coordination.
Skin problems:
Skin problems, such as infection and slow wound healing, may occur.

Emphasizes the importance of pursuing medical care and following a healthy lifestyle to control diabetes and avoid possible complications.


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