Head injury care


If you or someone else has suffered a head injury, some important primary care steps should be taken. Here are some guidelines that may be helpful:

Case evaluation:

Check the safety of the place and surrounding environment to avoid additional injuries.
Check for leakage of blood or other fluids.
Call 911:

If the injury is serious, call emergency services immediately.
Stop bleeding:

If there is bleeding, place a clean cloth over the wound and apply gentle pressure to control the bleeding.
Avoid large movements:

Avoid moving the injured person excessively, especially if there is suspicion of a neck or back injury.
Watch for symptoms:

Be careful and watch for signs of poisoning or loss of consciousness.
If there are signs of loss of consciousness or fainting, place the person in a sideways position to keep the airway open.
Cooling the injury:

An ice pack or cold pack can be applied to the affected part to reduce swelling.
Avoid taking medications without medical advice:

Avoid giving the affected person any medications without consulting a doctor.
Doctor visit:

Even if the injury is minor, a person should visit a doctor to evaluate the condition and ensure there are no hidden problems.
Please keep in mind that these instructions are general, and it is always preferable to consult a doctor to accurately evaluate the condition and direct the necessary treatment.


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